The Brother's Gift Dojo was the first ninja dojo. It taught the Shosuro Assassin, [1] Shosuro Defiler, [2] Shadow Hunter, Shosuro Champion, and Shosuro Yojimbo schools. [3]

Dawn of the Empire Edit

Its story began with the first Bayushi, during the Dawn of the Empire. When the Kami fell to the earth, Hantei asked he must cover his name with dishonor and shame so that he could protect the Empire from within the shadows. Though Bayushi knew this would condemn his followers to scorn so long as there was a Scorpion Clan, he accepted this necessary duty. [1]

Ninja Edit

From it the ninja were born. They became the agents of Scorpion vengeance and personal plotting, perfect tools for following Bayushi's path. The greatest of these ninja was a man named Bayushi Aramoro, a legend even during his life. [1]

Location Edit

After the death of Aramoro, who had been uncovered by Hantei X's agents, the dojo moved to Shosuro lands, within natural caverns wonderful for concealment and a useful stage for training. [1]

Exile and the Lying Darkness Edit

When the Scorpion were banished to the Burning Sands none could ever find the dojo's subterranean training grounds. After the Lying Darkness moved against the Empire the school was wiped clean of many of its elders and adepts by the Darkness. [1]

Tradition Edit

The dojo was run by the Shosuro family, but always under close scrutiny by the leaders of the clan in the Bayushi. The Bayushi rely on Shosuro spies and assassins for their plots and schemes and they needed to be able to trust these agents. The master sensei reported to the Bayushi Daimyo. The students were expected to keep their training confidential, and acted as if they were graduated of one of the Bayushi Bushi schools. [1]

Training Edit

Every aspiring Scorpion ninja must undergo the most harrowing ritual of training in the Empire, known as "the Gauntlet". First year students performed their tasks with sub-standard tools, and wore only black robes without pockets. After the first year was given the true ninja tools. They did not pass a ritualized Gempukku, they just were assigned to more important and difficult duties. The students of the dojo were known for ttheir lethality and reliability. [1]

Benefits Edit

Students of the Brother's Gift were known for their lethality and reliability. They were trained so that a single one of them could make a complete difference in the plans of the Scorpion. [4]

Sensei Edit

The sensei were generally worthy volunteers. Ninja who lived long enough to grow old generally opted for this position. [4]

Known sensei Edit

Notable Students Edit


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