Bronze Lantern 
Bronze Lantern
Created by: Senpet Empire
First used by: Unknown
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

A Bronze Lantern was a gaijin nemuranai originated in the Senpet Empire, beyond the Burning Sands [1] which was able to imprison a jinn within it. If a jinn touched a bronze lantern he disappeared in a puff of smoke; binding and trapping the Jinn within the lantern [2] into eternal slavery. [3]

Appearance and Abilities Edit

The device was crafted from a single piece of bronze, with a circular base. On top was the body of the device, with a lid through which oil could be poured. On the opposite side from the handle was a short cone through which a flame could be lit. The surface was painted with narrow lines and small dots and squares of Senpet style. The holder of the bronze lantern could release the jinn who had to obey him. [4]

Rokugan Edit

The Scorpion Clan brought several of these nemuranai after they returned from their exile in the Burning Sands. [5] It was guessed that the lamp could be the vessel for the kami, so the nemuranai could bind the kami from in area and negate any shugenja's magical powers for a time. [6]

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