Broken Sword of the Lion 
Broken Sword of the Lion
Created by: Unknown
First used by: Akodo
Currently in the possession of: Broken

The Broken Sword of the Lion was the blade wielded by Akodo during the War Against Fu Leng.

Creation Edit

In the earliest years of the Empire the Emperor Hantei had a blade forged for his brother Akodo. It was made of gold and fine jewels and was gifted to Akodo. The sword was said to be the keenest ever created, and it possesed legendary beauty. [1]

Service Edit

Akodo wielded the blade against the armies of Fu Leng when they first attacked Otosan Uchi, and continued to wield it throughout the War against his fallen brother. Throughout the war Fu Leng commanded his forces to keep Akodo and himself apart, as he believed Akodo would slay him should they face each other in combat. On one occasion however, Akodo managed to deal his brother a terrible wound before his creatures could sweep him away. [2]

Breaking Edit

After the Day of Thunder, Akodo was called upon to pass his sword on to his designated heir. Akodo refused, saying he would not let a blade which had drawn family blood be revered, and broke the blade beneath his heel. [3]

Ancestral Sword Edit

Following the breaking of the blade, Akodo took up the old katana he had been using, Shori. It was this blade which became the Ancestral Sword of the Lion Clan. [3]

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