The Broken Guard was a band of ronin mercenaries led by Saigorei.

Tradition Edit

Many members were former retainers of the Akodo family. Their name was a reference to their specialty: anti-cavalry combat. Every member must donate a part of their income to a command fund for the group's support during hard times. No member was allowed to engage in banditry or other crimes. They allowed ashigaru into their otokodate, which had made them popular with the common man. [1]

Technique Edit

The Broken Guard developed the Tiger's Teeth technique. [1] [2]

History Edit

Making a Reputation Edit

In 1124 the Broken Guard helped the Fox Clan to repel a large horde of mounted bandits that had plagued the Kitsune Mori. Hida Tsuru expressed interest in hiring the Broken Guards to train his own soldiers. [1] The Broken Guard quickly gained a reputation as dangerously effective against mounted foes, and they saw regular employment throughout the Clan War era. [3]

Merging in the Wolf Legion Edit

When the Akodo family finally reformed, many of the Broken Guard rejoined it. Of those remaining, most joined together with other ronin who had fought in the Toturi's Army, becoming the Wolf Legion. [3]


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