Brigandine was a medium armor made of small plates of iron or steel quilted between layers of cloth. [1] Before the Fall of the Kami the Tribe of Isawa crafted this type of armor with bronze. [2]

Appearance Edit

The plates were coated with tin so that the plates did not ruin the cloth. It was composed of a sleeveless vest and an armored skirt. Brigandine was similar to Rokugani Lamellar armor, but with the plates on the outside for lamellar armor. Brigandine gave ample protection to the trunk of the body, and the movement of the warrior was unhindered. However the it left the arms, legs, and head unprotected. Also, because there were so many layers of clothing in brigandine, a Kshatriya wearing the armor easily got hot, a severe disadvantage in the Burning Sands. [1]


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