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Brian Yoon is a member of the Legend of the Five Rings Story Team.

About Brian Edit

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  • Name: Brian Jin Sahng Yoon
  • Age: 23
  • Position: Legend of the Five Rings Story Team


I found the world of Rokugan through a copy of Matsu Toshiro in 1998. I fell in love with the art and threw myself enthusiastically into the card game. My friends and I found Clan War, and I spent countless hours dying horribly to Isha and his archers. I found a copy of the Legend of the Five Rings RPG First Edition, and took my first attempts at putting on the Game Master hat. To my surprise, I found it quite a blast, and our playgroup switched from Rifts and D&D to L5R.

In 2002 I stalked down Seth Mason in the #l5r channel on Undernet. Seth was then a writer for the L5RRPG. After much begging and cajoling, he told me to send in a submission of my work to see if I was acceptable. After he read it, he gave me a small assignment for the book Secrets of the Unicorn. They allowed me to stay on writing, and I worked as a freelance writer for the L5RRPG line for nearly a dozen books.

In 2006 I jumped at the chance to become a member of the Story Team. Here I am!([1])


Writing, mostly. I also help moderate the forums and try to keep an eye out on other fan sites.([2])

Favorite FictionEdit

There's a lot for me to list, but a couple that come to mind immediately: Test of the Sword, Specters, and In Plain Sight.

I think my best work is Test of the Emerald Champion part 1.([3])

Works Edit

Statistics Edit

  • Fictions: 22
  • Abbreviated Fictions: 3 / 22
  • Kills: 10
  • Unnamed Kills: 109
  • Total kills: 119
  • Named kills per fiction: 10/3 = 333%
  • Most written for faction: n/a
  • Least written for faction: n/a

On Screen Kills Edit

Off Screen Kills Edit

Unnamed Kills Edit

Factions Written for Edit

RPG books Edit

Preceded by:
Shawn Carman
L5R Writer
2006 - Present
Succeeded by:

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