The Brass Gong of Otaku Masero was a gaijin artifact made of brass purchased by Ide Borume. It is named for Otaku Masero, a lowly stableboy, who was the first to wield it. Since it has been with the Unicorn Clan it has always been held by a low unsung hero of the clan. It is used at official ceremonies and before battle.

Appearance Edit

The gong was three feet in diameter. As befitting a nomad people, the gong had never been placed on a stand, but carried by its caretaker.

Powers Edit

In order to use it, a person must hold it high above the ground, held with both thumbs, its user keeping his arms as far up as he could so that the gong fell to the level of his navel. This was to better focus the sound at the center of the bearer's chi. [1] When struck, it his held centered over its bearer's navel, the center of one' chi. A feeling of peace fell over all who heared it and they were able to meditate with great ease.


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