Boyoh was a khadi of the Ivory Kingdoms. [1]

History Edit

Warlord Edit

Boyoh Spearmen

Boyoh Spearmen

In the 7th century Boyoh was a warlord who rose from a lesser family among the noble caste of the Kshatriya. He carved out a fiefdom from within the heart of the Ivory Kingdoms. His rebellion, his insurrection, lasted for more than a decade before his forces were broken and he fled into the north, across the Western Wastes. His name was struck from all histories, his family cast out for giving rise to such a monstrosity. [2]

Return as a Khadi Edit

In the 10th century he had returned as a Khadi, decided conquer the Ivory Kingdoms with his unprecedented sorcerous abilities. Immediately reclaimed areas previously held by the outcast warlord. He was reported killed many times, each time returned quickly and without apparent handicap. The Military campaign to oust him lasted for nearly twenty years, and Boyoh disappeared. [2]

Hidden Heart Edit

The hidden heart of Boyoh was once found, but all members of the expedition were violently murdered on the scene. Tales of a shadowy nightmare, an evil sorcerer who stole sinners away to serve him began to be used to scare misbehaving children into obedience. [2]

Rokugani Edit

In 1198 the Rokugani Bayushi Kahoku found the tower where once Boyoh lived, [3] and his name began to be known by the Rokugani, but he still was an enigma for them. [4] Kitsuki Yataku researched about other findings related to this unknown sorcerer. [2]

Boyoh's Cultists Edit

Boyoh Mercenary

Boyoh Mercenary

Boyoh's Cultist were mercenaries who bore a painted common symbol. Their headquarters replicated the iconography displayed in the tower of Boyoh. [5] The cultists had a Gold Mine manned by slaves, [6] known as the Slave Pits of Boyoh. [1]


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