The Book of Shadows was allegued to be written by the prophet Rosoku. It was supposedly the Seventh Book of Enlightenment, one that was lost and omitted from those discovered and possessed by the Keepers of the Books of Enlightenment. [1]

Treatise Edit

The book was a philosophical treatise delving into the darker nature of mankind, why it exists, and how it might be understood and overcome, leading to enlightenment. [2]

Location Edit

The Book was kept inside a monastery in a mountain range, which sat in a plateau between two spirals known as the Serpent's Fangs. The monastery was controlled by a Fortunist sect corrupted by the Shadow Dragon, the Brothers of Shadow, and commanded by a Shio no Oni. [3]

Quest Edit

The Provincial Governor Chuyo sent a group of samurai to find it in the mountain range near his province. A scroll had been found, claiming that the book could only be discovered by one who “overcomes the venom within the Serpent's Fangs.” A much older second scroll detailed in a map several sections of the innermost mountain ranges, depicting an inner plateau marked by two great, natural spires “like the fangs of a serpent.” [4] Doji Fujie, Isawa Aiya, and Bayushi Ryuu recovered the book. [2]


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