Book of Earth 
Book of Earth
Created by: Rosoku
First used by: Kaiu Sugimoto
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

The Book of Earth contained part of the ancient wisdom of Shinsei. It was an ancient book bound in dark vellum and steel with the symbol of earth stamped upon it. [1] It was a lengthy treatise written on particularly long and durable scroll sheets, the sort more commonly used to record historical annals. [2]

Enlightenment Challenge Edit

In 1165 the descendant of Shinsei, Rosoku, set forth five challenges to Rokugan to select the five Keepers of the Books of Enlightenment. [3]

The challenge to win this book was; "The smith who can craft a helmet strong enough to shatter one thousand blades shall keep the Book of Earth." [3]

Resolution Edit

This challenge was completed by Kaiu Sugimoto when he persauded the Badger Clan to focus on a potential Oni attack instead of launching a needless war against the Yobanjin who were also aligned against the Oni. By using his own crafted helmet he had shattered the map table where the officers planned their strategy, proven he was Enlightened. [1]

The Other Book of Earth Edit

Since Sugimoto first read the book left for him by Rosoku, he had in turn rewritten the individual Book of his Element to some extent, creating a new book, an examination of a properly minimalist lifestyle, and the appropriate means of prioritizing and managing resources in all things. [4]

Quotes Edit

The book presented his philosophy in plain language and common metaphors, written to convey a sense of certainty. Those who read it feeled a renewed sense of purpose and courage: [5]

  • “The earth is eternal. Even as a hundred thousand beings trample upon its back, the land does as it always has. No matter how the wind howls, the mountain does not move.”
  • “One can only come to understand oneself within by experiencing the world without. The foot feels itself only when it is touching the ground.”
  • “That which has happened is gone. Indeed, it never existed. Whoever you were in the past only matters if that is who you are now. Nor has the future ever come to pass; it has always remained beyond the horizon. Who you will be you cannot know. Focus instead on who you are now. It is the only thing that is real.”
  • “You can only lose that to which you are clinging.”
  • “Do not depend upon partial feelings. Feel the ground beneath you? It has always been there. Many trample on its back, yet none dispute its strength. The earth holds no doubts and fears no force. Strike as the earth, and you cannot fail.”

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