Bonsai Pine
Created by: Iuchi Ramatsu
First used by: Unknown
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

The Bonsai Pine of Iuchi Ramatsu was a reality-bending bonsai tree that shrinked people. The pine bonsai was painstakingly grown in a thimble for forty years during the Unicorn's extended visit outside of Rokugan's borders. The spirit of the tree shrinked a human down to it's own size making it appear as a massive, elder elder tree, it was still the size of a delicate woman's smallest finger'. One must bid the tree farewell to return to normal size.

The Pine Bonsai of Iuchi Ramatsu was used in the battle of Malka Oasis. The pine was also used for providing provisions during the Unicorn's long journey. A piece of food remained at normal size while the rest of the caravan remained small. Figs were usually used for these purposes. [1] [2]


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