Bone of the Tattered Ear Tribe

Bone of the Tattered Ear Tribe

Bone of the Tattered Ear Tribe was a nemuranai crafted by the Tattered Ear Tribe from the thighbone of the fallen brother of the Sparrow Daimyo. The fetish was offered to the Sparrow to show the tribe's friendship, but the humans took this as an unforgivable offense, and the Sparrow Clan instantly became an enemy of all Nezumi. [1]

Appearance and Abilities Edit

The Bone was a crude-looking club of a brownish color, with pointed fangs forming a circle at the head. The surface had elaborate carved rings that formed several grooves. The other end was jagged and uneven, as though the bone from which it had been made was broken. It granted its wielder a incredible strength. [2]

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