Bokusui of House Hoji was a wealthy member of the Mantis Clan Hoji vassal family.

Appearance and Demeanor Edit

Bokusui was a tough man who enjoyed the power wealth brings. He had sharp eyes, stylish clothes, but the eyes and mouth of a peasant. [1]

Yemon's Legacy Edit

In the 7th century a fortune in jade was purchased from one of Bokusui's ancestors. The treasure vault to hide it in was designed in part by Kaiu Yemon, and it was known as Yemon's Legacy. [1]

Yemon's ghost Edit

Bokusui hired a shugenja, Yogo Senko, to awaken the spirit of Yemon. She and her lover Kuni Hyakken raised the ghost of Yemon, but he was not cooperative; Yemon told them only that the Shosuros had a map of the place they sought. [2]

Seeking the map Edit

A few discreet inquiries by Senko eventually attracted Shosuro Mina to them. Mina told she was the descendant of the Shosuro who owned the map, and arranged an appointment at Ryoko Owari Toshi to discuss the matter. [2]


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