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A Boar

Boars, Inoshishi [1] or Heichi, were highly aggressive, omnivorous and fiercely territorial wild pigs. They were easily capable of disemboweling even a heavy armored bushi thanks to the mouth being lined with widely spaced, sharp teeth and a pair of seven inch long tusks. [2]

Ecology Edit

Boars usually traveled in herds of one to three adults and about twice that many young. Boars could be found in many places, but usually avoid arid and extreme climates. [3]

The First Boar Edit

The 'First Boar' was an annual tradition at Ryoko Owari Toshi, and no game was alloed to be killed before a boar was first hunted. The nobles competed and the fortunate gifted the boar to the city's governor. In return the noble was allowed to kill more games than the specified restriction. The boar's skin was made into a fine saddle, the skull became a hunt trophy, and the meat was the payment for the leatherworkers of the saddle. [4]

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