Boar's Flanks was the village around Heichi sano Negura in the remote valley of the Twilight Mountains known as the Lair. [1]

Layout Edit

The town was arrayed in a fan pattern around the eastern portion of the castle proper, leading to the name of the Boar's Flanks. An earthen palisade wall was the defence against bandits or Shadowlands creatures. There were three gates out of the town; the largest gave access to the farms and led to the Travelers' Path, the second opened to the road to the Three Brothers mines, and the third led to the Lonely Monastery. Due to the limited supply of wood in the area, many buildings in the village were made of stone. Due to the constraints of space, the eta lived in their own neighborhood within the town rather than in a seperate settlement as would be the norm in the Emerald Empire. [1]

Notable Locations Edit


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