Blue Fur Warren

Blue Fur Warren

The Blue Fur Warren was home to the Blue Fur Tribe of Nezumi who were close allies of the Hiruma family. [1]

Found Edit

In 1133 shortly after the Crab Clan recaptured Hiruma Castle and began purifying the area [2] a Hiruma Scouting party found the ruins of a warren ten miles south of Shiro Hiruma, at the same time as a small tribe of wandering Nezumi. Crab and Nezumi agreed to share the warren as packmates. [1]

Use after the Nezumi Demise Edit

When the Nezumi largely vanished during the late 12th century, the abandoned warrens became a set of underground supply depots for the Hiruma. They eventually would serve as a place of refuge during the Destroyer War. [3]


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