Blue Fur Tribe was the smallest of Nezumi tribes, numbering about two dozens at most. [1] Blue because of the color of Crab armor, [2] were runaways hidden within the confines of a Hiruma-owned warren, the Blue Fur Warren. [3]

Abandoned in the Shadowlands Edit

Originally a large pack of Crippled Bone nezumi, they found themselves abandoned and alone in the Shadowlands when their pack leader was killed in combat with an ogre. These nezumi disliked their previous Chief, so Kch'ay-Bur pointed out that if they escaped everyone else would think they had died. The new tribe was fully convinced of its superiority to the rest of the Crippled Bone and the tribe made Kch'ay-Bur their chieftain. [3]

Blue Fur Warren Edit

In 1133 [4] the nezumi group was accompanied by Hiruma Tsuneko, who encountered a squad of Hiruma who had just laid claim to an abandoned warren. As the nezumi desired the warren for themselves, a conflict seemed inevitable. Tsuneko was able to keep the situation from escalating and worked out an agreement whereby the newly-named Blue Fur Warren would be shared by both Crab and Nezumi. Tsuneko was made ruler of the new warren, but decided not to share the news of its arrangement with any other tribes, lest they become offended. [5]

Hiruma Alliance Edit

The tribe took the name of Blue Fur as a reference to their packmates of the Crab and used the grays and deep blues of the Hiruma in their warpaints. [3] The Blue Fur Tribe had forged a close kinship with the Hiruma family since. This closeness to the Crab family had made them the most human-like of all the Nezumi. Their territory was in the southernmost lands of the Hiruma. [1] Since then they began to tend to litter their conversation with human words almost without thinking, and had body language that incorporated many common human gestures that they had picked up from their allies. [6]

One Tribe and Demise Edit

In the aftermath of the Battle of One Tribe in 1166, [7] the Blue Fur joined the One Tribe, and served it loyally to the end. The Battle of Tomorrow hurted them badly, and in the After Times only a few families survived. [8]

Known Chieftains Edit

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