Bloodwhite Stone 
Bloodwhite Stone
Created by: Zokujin
First used by: Zokujin
Currently in the possession of: Keppo

The Bloodwhite Stone was the most powerful artifact of the zokujin race.

Origin Edit

This artifact was created by the zokujin, and was seen by them as extremely powerful, far beyond its mere sightseeing abilities. According to them, it was the creator of the Sun and Moon, and held the secrets of all magic. [1]

Abilities Edit

It was known that those who were in close contact with the Stone did not age, or they aged at reduced pace. [2]

History Edit

Creation Edit

When the City of Night and its mighty crystal focus was built, none save the Zokujin fully understood its workings. This understanding led them to create a second such crystal focus, and called it the Bloodwhite Stone. The heart of Ningen-do, the source of all magic, it was considered the most sacred artifact of the Zokujin race. [3]

Sealed Away Edit

When Tsuno Kishenku seized the City of Night, and unleashed the energies of the crystal focus upon the world, the zokujin saw the elements began to unravel. Only by focusing on their Bloodwhite Stone were they able to counter the worst, directing the chaotic energies against Jigoku while struggling to prevent Ningen-do from being destroyed. After this incident, the Zokujin sealed the Bloodwhite Stone away and forbade its use to all but a scrying device. [3]

Loss of the Stone Edit

Centuries later, the Zokujin came under attack by creatures from Jigoku, and thousands of Zokujin were killed. Their once unified civilization was reduced to scattered, wandering tribes, the Bloodwhite Stone was lost, and their race fell into a primitive state. [3] The Stone was stolen by the corrupted order of Tsuno on a day the zokujin shamans referred to as the Day of Broken Thunder. Some zokujin believed that if they could recover the artifact, their race would become great once more. [4]

The Quest Began Edit

The zokujin fled the Lion mines and began to seek the Stone, around 1131, when Ikoma Tsanuri marched toward Crab lands. [5]

Found Edit

Pokku finds the Bloodwhite Stone

Pokku finds the Bloodwhite Stone

It was discovered by the goblin Pokku, [6] and it was carrid to its tribe's camp, in the Shinomen Mori. [2]

Hidden Again Edit

The Stone was lost in 1172, when the monster Gakku slaughtered many of its former kin. In the fray Keppo had managed to steal the Stone and hid among other of its treasures in a cave nearby. [2]


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