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Bloodspeakers Cover

Bloodspeakers Cover

Bloodspeakers is the first source book of the Bloodspeakers in the Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying game.


  • Written by: Wolfgang Baur
  • Additional Material: Shawn Carman and Rich Wulf
  • Editor: David Hernandez
  • Additional Editing: Eric Wiener
  • Creative Director: Jimmy Beck and Nelson Rodriguez
  • Art director: Jimmy Beck
  • Graphic Designer: Victor Choy Designs
  • Cover Artist: Ramon Perez
  • Interior Artists: Paul (prof.) Herbert and Ramon Perez
  • Typesetter: Victor Choy Designs
  • Brand Manager: Raymond Lau
  • Production Managers: Henry Lopez and Nelson Rodriguez
  • Playtesters: Daniel Carew, Jason Cadd, Chris Holt, Jeff Malcolm, Alan Whitenburg, and John Clark

Table of ContentsEdit

Chapter 1: Blood Gifts (page 4)Edit

Chapter 2: Bloodspeaker Magic (page 25)Edit

Chapter 3: History (page 50)Edit

Chapter 4: Infamous Bloodspeakers (page 58)Edit

  • Typical Bloodspeakers

Chapter 5: Written in Blood (page 75)Edit

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