Blood of the Preserver

Blood of the Preserver blessings

Blood of the Preserver was the blood taken from the pool [1] located within the Temple of Kali-Ma in the jungle depths. The Spider Clan found the temple, [2] and quickly realized the powerful effects of the blood of a god. [3]

Abilities Edit

Blood of the Preserver 2

Blood of the Preserver

The abilities of the Blood were not completely understood by those who seized it, so they began to test its effects. If the Blood was spread in an area, everything near was reduced to nothing as they were simply destroyed, as if life itself recoiled from it. It brought madness to anyone who drank the Blood, becoming creatures of wanton destruction. [4] Eventually it was discovered that whole fields reduced to lifeless sludge and mud, became remarkable beds of growth and life after a time. [5]

Using the Powerful Artifact Edit

When the Blood was moved in 1198 the Ruhmalists staggered several ambush to recover it, but they failed. [6] The Spider knew that this weapon could destroy swaths of land, and they would test its capabilities with the Lion, which had begun to attack Spider encampments in the Colonies. [7] A Spider group led by Masayoshi slipped beyond the Lion border and into one of their most remote Colonial holdings to place the Blood of the Preserver there, to utterly destroy the Lion holding. [8] It was also used by Daigotsu Gyoken, who later had to report its effects to his lord Daigotsu Kanpeki. [9] After the Kuni Daimyo Kuni Renyu was recognized by the Imperial Legions as the ranking noble in the Colonies, he entered into an alliance with the Lion who had attacked the Spider. Kanpeki ordered to deploy the Blood on their enemies. [10]

Revealed Edit

A Vial of the Blood is found

A Vial of the Blood is found by the Kitsuki

Eventually the Kitsuki found a vial of the Blood, concluding the Lion were not baseless in their claims. [11] With the truth behind the Blood revealed, the other clans sent their finest to petition the Spider for its use to have their colonial lands made extremely fertile. [12]

Gift to the Empress Edit

Kanpeki gifts the Blood

Kanpeki gifts the Blood

After the defeat of P'an Ku the Spider Clan Champion, Daigotsu Kanpeki, gave the Blood to the Spider-raised Iweko Shibatsu as a gift for the Empress [13] during an audience of the Ivory Court. [14] The Scorpion Clan learned that the Spider had retained a small amount of it for their own use after giving the bulk of it to the Empress. The Scorpion's intelligence suggested that Iweko Shibatsu was aware of the Blood's location. [15]

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