Blood War
Location: Shadowlands
Date: 790 - 815
Major Forces: Unicorn Clan,
Lying Darkness
Generals: Shinjo Nishijin
Battles of Rokugan

The Blood War was the journey of the Unicorn Clan in the Shadowlands fighting the Living Darkness during the last part of the Ki-Rin's Exodus. [1]

Preamble Edit

The Kami Shinjo had begun the Ki-rin's Exodus to find threats to the fledging Emerald Empire. After hundred years the Ki-Rin Clan had shifted to the Unicorn Clan and Shinjo had disappeared fighting the Lying Darkness. The Unicon reached the shores of an unknown sea, and were advised by Shinjo to return to the Empire crossing the Shadowlands. [2]

Crossing the Shadowlands Edit

In 790 [3] Shinjo Nishijin stood at the forefront of the Clan when they entered the lands of the evil, with Otaku Sekigako, Iuchi Shino, and Ide Tadan at his side. Shino noted that the jade they wore did not grow dark and soft as it did in the Shadowlands of Rokugan. A different master ruled there, not Fu Leng. They fought the minions of the Lying Darkness for years. [4]

End of the War Edit

In 815 the Unicorn arrived at the southern border of Rokugan, ending the Blood War. A fifth of the Clan had been lost to battle or the taint. [4]


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