Blood Familiar

Blood Familiar

Blood Familiars were animals that had been bound by a maho-tsukai to his will. [1]

Creating a Blood Familiar Edit

The maho ritual involved the replacement of blood in a minor creature, usually a rat, large insect, or bird, with the maho-tsukai's blood. It provided a permanent link between the sorcerer and beast, allowing them to channel their dark power through the creature. The familiars were used as scouts, spies, and even assassins. [1] It was Chuda Mishime who first developed the ritual. [2]

Appearance Edit

Creatures that underwnet this ritual were invariably transformed by it. Birds appear to have crimson flecks, rats gained eerie red eyes and large, crimson stains on their fur and insects were larger, darker, and somehow exuded a preternatural awareness that belied their harmless appearance. [3]

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