Prayers and Blessings

Prayers and Blessings

Blessing rituals were the most common ritual that a shugenja performed, after planting new crops, was a newborn was named, during a social promotion ceremony, or upon a particular group of samurai who were about to undertake an important duty for their lord. All of them was a pray of the shugenja to call upon a Fortune's aid, requesting their favors. [1]

Elemental Blessing Edit

There were blessing requested upon the elemental kami. [2]

  • Blessing of Air: the subtle spirits of air were woven into the caster's very being.
  • Blessing of Earth: the caster's soul echoed with the strength and stability of the mountains.
  • Blessing of Fire: the raging power of fire lighted the caster's path.
  • Blessing of Void: the caster was one with the Void.
  • Blessing of Water: the nature of the caster was as fluid and mercurial as the kami of water.

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