Blessed Guard were the defenders of Yomi, the Realm of the Blessed Ancestors.

Duty Edit

These samurai spirit patrolled the borders of the realm, eliminating the possibility of any significant incursion by other realms. [1] The shiryo of the Guard were willing to risk their own immortal existence for the souls of the damned lost in Jigoku. Members of the Kitsu race, also inhabitants of Yomi, admired them and led the Blessed Guard through the spirit passages to the Realm of Evil in search of the souls of the damned. [2] They rescued yokai, returning them to Yomi and imprisoning them there to contemplate the enormity of their dishonor. When they had realized the folly of their lives, the spirits of Yomi escorted them to Meido, where they could be reborn into Ningen-do. [3]

Appearance Edit

The Blessed Guard wore a glowing heavy Lamellar armor, in the fashion of samurai from the Dawn of the Empire. Their armor and weapons were created with a special metal found within Yomi itself and dimly glowed at all times. [4]

Conflicts Edit

War Against Shadow Edit

Since the opening of Oblivion's Gate, many members of the Blessed Guard returned to Rokugan and shared their training with their most talented and honorable descendants. [3]

Heaven and Earth Edit

They defended Tengoku during the assault of Fu Leng against the Heavens. [4]

Known Techniques Edit

The Blessed Guard occasionally allow snippets of their training to be gained by worthy individuals in the mortal realm. [5]

Known members Edit

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