Blade of Truths 
Blade of Truths
Created by: Kaiu Haru
First used by: Kaiu Haru
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

The Blade of Truths and its twin, the Blade of Secrets were forged by Kaiu Haru during The Maw's invasion of the Crab lands.

Cursed Edit

The Maw raised an army in 716 and marched upon the Crab. [1] Shortly after Hiruma Castle was conquered, the village of Kotaru Mura was besieged by one of its lieutenants, Chizaro no Oni. The Shadowlands border extended and engulfed the village. Its governor Kaiu Haru, was a swordsmith who desperete crafted two twin swords, the Blade of Truths and the Blade of Secrets, each tempered with powdered jade, to be used against the Oni. However, even the old master could not fully protect the swords from evil, and each sword was born with a curse, a twist to lead a foolish wielder to destruction. Haru died using the swords to destroy Chizaro, but his sacrifice let the villagers escape. [2]

Appearance Edit

Since Haru's death, the blades had appeared both in the Shadowlands and Rokugan. The Blade of Truths was more obscure than its twin, because its wielder seldom survived long enough to gain much fame. It laid abandoned somewhere in the Shadowlands, near the skeleton of the Hida Bushi who found it last. [2] The tip of the hilt cast from gold, with a tsuba made to form intricate patterns on both sides where the blade of the weapon was narrow. A white silk layer covered the steel handle. The saya was made of bronze, gold, and lacquered wood, decorated with strange and intricate patterns. [3]

Abilities Edit

The blade overcame any invulnerability of a Shadowlands creature. The curse of the sword increased the damage made against its wielder by his opponents. Chizaro no Oni's spawn were still particularly vulnerable to the swords, and hunted their owners. [4]

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