Blade of Penance
Blade of Penance
Created by: Kokujin
First used by: Hiruma Todori
Currently in the possession of: Dragon Clan

The Blade of Penance was one of the first Shameswords to be created, and it is belived that the soul contained within is that of Hitomi Akuai. [1]

Crafting Edit

Hitomi Akuai was used to create this sword, but during its forging he could not withstand the pain of having his soul ripped from his body, so Kokujin was forced to cut the process short. As a result, this Shamesword took the form of a wakizashi instead of a katana. [2]

Appearance and Abiities Edit

The wakizashi had a carved golden handle and tsuba, a purple and blue textured saya. The blade exuded a sense of creeping unease to any who viewed it, and those who wielded it found their dreams haunted by poor decisions from their past and sins they committed against those they loved and served. [3]

Hiruma Todori Edit

The Blade of Penance was one of the first Shameswords to be created and was given to the Hiruma family daimyo Hiruma Todori. Todori was given the option of taking the sword or leaving it for the bloodspeakers to find. Not wanting to risk the cultist obtaining such a powerful nemuranai Todori took up the sword. Later attempts at destroying it however proved fruitless. In desperation Todori turned to the Crab Clan Champion Hida Kuon for aid and was told to take the blade to the Dragon. Togashi Satsu explained to Todori the secrets of the blade and convinced him to leave it in the possession of the Dragon. [4] Since then the Dragon have studied the blade, but had not find how to destroy it without also destroying the soul within it. [1]

Wielders of Penance Edit

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