Blade of Hubris 
Blade of Hubris
Created by: Kokujin
First used by: Doji Jotaro
Currently in the possession of: Doji Jotaro

The Blade of Hubris was one of the Shameswords made by the madman Kokujin.

Soul Edit

There were fears that the soul imprisoned within the Blade of Hubris was that of Tamori. Others insisted however that not even Kokujin would have been able to shackle such a powerful spirit. [1]

Existance Edit

The Blade of Hubris was the least understood of among the Shameswords, and it's existance was known only because of the vaugue recollection Hitomi Kobai had of it's creation. [1]

Appearance and Abilities Edit

The gleaming blade was as white as snow, with a fine blue silk handle and a black tsuba mad of iron. [2] Hubris was a heinous sin for a samurai, placing their own personal interest over that of their lord. [1] It glossy inflated the ego of any samurai who carried it. [3]

Doji Jotaro Edit

Somehow Doji Jotaro was in possession of the blade. It haunted his thoughts, destroying his sanity, but he could not part with it. [4] Jotaro believed he could master the blade, [5] but his behaviour changed and became a disgrace to him and his clan. [6]

Know Wielders Edit

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