Blade of Guile 
Blade of Guile
Created by: Kokujin
First used by: Shosuro Atesharu
Currently in the possession of: Shosuro Atesharu

The Blade of Guile was one of the Shameswords crafted by Kokujin. [1] It was not know which soul was contained on it. [2]

Abilities Edit

The blade was the least ornate of the Shameswords, with a tsuba of dull gold, a black saya, and a black silk handle. It caused the owner to lie even when its not in his best interest to do so, obscuring the truth whenever possible. [3] The nemuranai was a blade of deception, which made its wielder to lose his memories, wandering without direction. From time to time, the victim was able to reclaim his senses. [4]

Shosuro Atesharu Edit

The blade was gifted to Shosuro Atesharu, who found it quite agreeable. [5] When the shugenja, actor, and secret member of the kolat was governor of Painted City, he found this gift waiting for him within his chambers. Nothing should have passed his defenses without his notice, and the kami not only were unable to tell him where it came from but they still seemed unaware of it. [6]

Known Wielders Edit

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