Black Stone 
Black Stone
Created by: Pale Eye
First used by: Naga
Currently in the possession of: Naga

The Black Stone, the All-father, was revered by the Naga as the origin of the Akasha and his own race. It was the creation myth of the Naga race and was believed it was the embodiment of the Akasha.

A single tear fell from the Pale Eye from the Heavens on the earth. It created a black stone, that broke and created the Naga people, all cut from one stone, from one soul, the Akasha. The Pale Eye looked it and whispered a prayer that became words and language, which set the Naga apart from all the other races.
- Histories of the Akshakir [1]

Naga City Edit

Around the Place of the Falling the Naga built a city, the Holy City. Three times per day they turned their faces toward the west in worship. The Naga had not been there for a thousand of years. [1]

Alternative Legend Edit

The Rokugani told a tale which described the stone as the one eaten by Onnotangu, when Amaterasu tricked him to get one of her wishes, the Necklace of Amaterasu. [2]

Necklace Edit

Amaterasu wished to be gifted with a necklace by her husband. She invited him to a feast, giving great quantities of wine and bread, which allowed Amaterasu to feed to him with a stone. The next morning when Onnotangu followed his wife in the sky the weight of the stone made him slow, the Goddess sailed across the sky away from him, and the night came, and he was alone in the sky. Amaterasu promised to return if he gifted a necklace, which he did taking the stars. In return for the gift she took her wakizashi, slitting him across the gullet, and the stone fell free. In his pain, the God let go the necklace of jewels and they scattered across the sky, forming the River of Stars. The God never recovered from his wound and he chased her across the sky, he slowly and at night and she swift as the day. [2]

Creation of the Naga Edit

The stone had been under the mud of the earth before it was eaten, and inside that piece of obsidian laid a small Greensnake, sleeping inside, which grew within the body of the God. The power of the God changed the snake, and it began to think beyond the chaos of animals. When the stone was freed from the God's belly, it fell upon the earth and shattered into a thousand pieces; each piece became a Naga. The snake trapped inside the stone became their first Champion, and he named himself Qamar. [2]


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