Black Pearl 
Black Pearl
Created by: Unknown
First used by: Shashakar
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

Black Pearl, also called Pale Eye's Pearl, [1] or 'Favored Child of the Pale' was a powerful magical tool used by the Naga. Only one such massive pearl was born to each generation of Naga, [2] and was highly sacred to them. [3]

Naga Vedics were the ones among the Naga who best understood them. [4]

Abilities Edit

The Black Pearl seemed capable of everything: from tremendous violence and destruction to the complete rebirth of life, the instant reincarnation of a soul. [5]

Ritual Edit

A Naga Jakla activated the Black Pearl with a long and painful ritual. The Jakla sacrifice his soul to restore the life of a person who died in the last month. The body, whole and unburied, need not be present but the naga should know where the corpse was. The jakla who performed the ritual usually died. [6] The powerful ritual summoned the soul from the far reaches of the Spirit Realms and merged it with the Akasha. This allowed the communal mind of the naga people to inhabit the body. [7]

Hida Yakamo Edit

To atone their desertion before the Siege of Kyuden Hiruma, Shashakar sacrificed his life to the Child of the Pale, the greatest Black Pearl, during a magic ritual that merged his mind with Hida Yakamo and restored the Crab Clan Champion to life in 1132. [8] The Shashakar was greatly weakened [6] and died. Being lost his connection with the Akasha, he could not reincarnate anymore. [4]

Great Sleep Edit

The Naga in 1134 began the rituals to prepare the second Great Sleep. The Qatol was disturbed by a Golden Pearl, which would be known as the Legacy of the Naga and would hatch Akasha years later. But he was most disturbed by a Black Pearl, which he sent away because he feared it, [9] to be guarded by the ningyo. [10]

Dark Naga Edit

Black Pearl 2

A Black Pearl

In 1170 the Dark Naga was born from a Black Pearl. The cracked pearl was seen by two Ningyo sentries, who had detected a presence inside the forbidden area of the pearl bed. It had been the answer to the arrival of the Dragon of Thunder to the seas of Ningen-do. [9]

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