The Black Lotus Cartel was said as the largest and most influential criminal organization in the Empire. It was founded by the monk Hiroto, a former Emerald Magistrate. [1]

Activities Edit

The cartel performed the usual illicit activities, including smuggling. [2] They controlled over half the market throughout the southern half of Rokugan. [3] In 1165 they dominated most criminal activity in the Fisherman's Quarter and Licensed Quarter, and had a number of covert operations taking place in the Merchant Quarter as well. [4]

Organization Edit

The cartel was organized in a fashion similar to the Emerald Magistrates, with more skilled and successful operatives being promoted to higher levels. [5] Deception and misdirection were vital concepts to the Black Lotus, and spent considerable resources playing smoke and mirror games with magistrates. [6]

Zakyo Toshi Edit

In 1170 they came under the scrutiny of the Oracle of Obsidian Shosuro Maru. A representative in Zakyo Toshi was discovered and the Emerald Champion Shosuro Jimen took control of the city to fight its activities. [7]

Known Members Edit


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