Bishan the Watchful 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Revan,
Raniyah the Sly,
Adisabah the Cruel 
Children: Yoritomo (adopted) 
Titles: Acting Mantis Clan Champion

Bishan the Watchful was a Greater Rakshasa [1] who impersonated the Mantis Clan Champion Yoshitsune for years. [2]

Expelled from the Ivory Kingdoms Edit

In ancient times the Rakshasa ruled the Ivory Kingdoms, and his brother Revan was the King of the Rakshasa. His race, with an appetite for carnage, treated humans as cattle. Their reign of terror was ended by Arun, avatar of Vishnu the Preserver, who scattered the Rakshasa to the winds. Three of the survivors made their way to Rokugan, Bishan, Raniyah the Sly, and Adisabah. [1]

Asassin Leader Edit

Bishan was approached by the eldest son of the Mantis Clan Champion Yoshitsune. Yoshitsune's son knew his father was trading with gaijin, which was forbidden by Imperial Decree. So he devised a plot, paying fifty koku to the assassin, who had to impersonate Yoshitsune, attempt to complete the trade with the emmissaries, only to be struck down by Yoshitsune's eldest son to "redeem" the family honor. Assassins were sent, killing the real Yoshitsune, his wife and the two eldest sons. Yoritomo, the younger son of the Mantis Champion, was only spared through the actions of the false Yoshitsune. The assasins left burns on the floors and walls of the Mantis Clan palace, reminding Yoritomo of the event for all of his life. [2] [3] Thsi happened in the year 1100. [4]

The False Yoshitsune Edit


Bishan as Yoshitsune

Following the attack, the false Yoshitsune continued impersonating Yoshitsune. For all intents and purposes, Yoshitsune had survived the attack and continued to lead the clan. In 1117 Yoshitsune's conscience weighed too heavy, and he revealed to Yoritomo the true nature of what had happened that night. The impostor had come to love Yoritomo and raised him until just before his gempukku. The false Yoshitsune handed Yoritomo his blades, and as it dawned upon the ten year old boy that the man was not his real father the man jumped from the walls of Kyuden Mantis to his death in the sea below. [5] [2] Yoritomo was made the Mantis Clan Champion the same year, and official records showed Yoshitsune died in 1117 as a result of suicide. [6]

Bishan's Fate Edit

The truth was, the false Yoshitsune survived. While Yoritomo, after discovering the exisitance of the Lying Darkness, concluded the imposter was a Goju, it was in fact Bishan the Watchful, a greater Rakshasa. The Rakshasa had once ruled the Ivory Kingdoms, but had been overthrown and mostly slain. Three came to Rokugan. Bishan remained in the form of Yoshitsune that he began to become more Mantis samurai than Rakshasa. After he threw himself into the sea, he cast off his human form, but has remained in the jungles of the Islands of Spice and Silk, watching his former clan. [7]

Preceded by:
Acting Mantis Clan Champion
1100 - 1117
Succeeded by:


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