Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Un-named twins

Biko was a peasant maiden who became the aide of the retired courtier Miya Hiyoko. [1]

Family Edit

Her older twins (brother and sister) were servants in the Forbidden Palace, who cared for their aged parents. When the visitors at the Phoenix Guest Home received a platter of poisoned sweets, the resulting investigation sent every servant who came in contact with the platter or the food to their death, including Biko's siblings. [2]

Aide to a Courtier Edit

Biko worked as a gardener in the Forbidden City until his extraordinary voice got the attention of Miya Hiyoko, a prominent retired courtier, who took her as his aide. In 1123 she provoked romantic feelings on a mute samurai musician, Kakita Naru, despite she was not aware of it. [2]

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