Bikami (U5)

The village of Bikami (U5) in the Senseki province [1] was one of two twin farming communities that gave the Unicorn their massive food production. Akami and Bikami produced enough foor each year to feed the Unicorn armies, horses and nobles. The main reason for this was not that the fields were rich, but just very wide and contained a great number of heimin. The population density was very dense here, and if the Unicorn Clan Champion would ever want to press ashigaru into service this would be where he would come. [2]

Remote Edit

Bikami rested just around the base of the Northern Wall Mountains northern mountains, around the Ice Plain, and it was the last glimpse of civilization before Far North Village. [3] The city was a highly fortified place, with thick stone battlements and several watchtowers overlooking the surrounding area. The Seventeenth and Thirry-Third Junghar Legions were posted there. [4]

History Edit

Revolutionaries Edit

In 665 an army of revolutionaries, the People's Legion, seized the formed lands of the Ki-Rin Clan. The Lion Clan Army was defeated twice at Bikami, dying the Lion Clan Champion Akodo Masahisa and his only heir Akodo Masaumi. The city became the 'capital' of the revolters. In 668 the Acting Champion Matsu Ikuko launched an offensive but had to withdraw after she was grievously wounded. [5]

Return of the Ki-Rin Edit

The Otaku were led to these plains by a vision from Otaku Shiko, a tiered landscape with endless stretches in the middle of an utter wasteland. They began to use irrigation techniques they had learned during the Ki-Rin's Exodus to flood the rice fields. [6]

The War of Dark Fire Edit

Along with Akami, Bikami was one of the first major holdings destroyed by the Army of Fire during their assault on the Unicorn Clan lands. The governor at the time, Shinjo Osema, was able to evacuate a significant amount of food and resources from the city before dying at the hands of Yobanjin invaders. [7] It was later rebuilt with additional defenses. [8]


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