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Bento (II) 
Bento (II) 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Kuto,
Siblings: Six un-named brothers, Un-named sister

Bento was a mute peasant with the gift of speaking with the kami.

Family Edit

Bento was the polite and humble ninth child and seventh son of Kuto and Yatike. Yatike, his mother, died giving birth to him. [1]

Inner Gift Edit

At his mother's death Bento was blessed by the Fortunes Ebisu and Fukurokujin. When none were watching him, Bento was able to speak with any kami, be it a nemuranai, a fox, or any other spirit container. He never told his Inner Gift. [1]

Servant Edit

When he was nine Bento was chosen to aid Kitsune Takari during the Topaz Championship, and was his servant since. Takari used the boy as "spy" during his missions as Emerald Magistrate. Takari was mortally wounded in a mission to eliminate two Ogre Bushi in the Phoenix lands, and the samurai entrusted the boy to return a cherished artifact, Reishiheido, to his family. Bento delivered the beautiful War Tessen and the boy had not been seen since. [1]

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