Shrine to Benten

Shrine to Benten

The Shrine to Benten (CN8), the Fortune of Romantic Love, in the Oyomesan province, [1] was the largest temple to Benten in all of Rokugan. [2]

Legend Edit

The Shrine was difficult to reach, but offered a spectacular view of Crane lands. Legend held that an ancient Crane Clan Champion forced his daughter to choose between leaving her lover and losing her life. He brought her here to make the decision, and she lept from the cliff. The wind suddenly gusted so strongly that the girl was lifted back up to the cliff edge where her lover was waiting for her. In the face of the fortune's wisdom her father could not argue against them anymore, and the two were married. [3] It was said that Benten herself beared her to safety. [2]

Stopping Point Edit

Benten Seido

Benten Seido (CN8)

High atop a cliff in the spur of the Seikitsu Mountains, [4] was found Benten Seido, reachable only by a narrow side-road from the Cold Winds Pass. [5] It marked the dividing line between the elite northern holdings and the lesser southern holdings of the Doji. All those who were promoted to the northern provinces paused there and payed their respects to Benten. All who were demoted and sent to the southern provinces also stopped there for a time to pray for her guidance. [2] In the edge of a cliff was located Lover's Leap. Tales said that those who jump from there would be carried back by the winds of favor, blessed by the touch of the Fortune. [6]

Road Edit

Lovers seeking guidance also frequented the shrine, despite the road was rough and difficult. The monks who tended the shrine went out at night and littered the mountain road with rocks, weeds, and debris. The monks felt that love was not easily found or maintained, and so should it be with love's shrine. [2]

Clan War Edit

In 1128 the Crane Clan expended much of its treasury to hire groups of ronin and enlist the aid of Yoritomo's Alliance. The alliance proved its worthy in the Battle at Benten Seido, where a large Shadowlands force was driven off from the temple. [7]

Known Chief Caretaker Edit

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