Benten was the Fortune of Romantic Love and one of the Seven Fortunes. [1]

Appearance Edit

Benten was a woman of indescribable beauty, who used to held a gleaming biwa in her hands which she could calm any mortal's soul. Her gown seemed woven from the roiling sea. She was the only female among the Seven Fortunes, but appeared to be their spokesperson on the rare occasions when they appeared together. [2]

Blessings and Curses Edit

Benten was not a spiteful Fortune, and often assisted those she had cursed in order to make their lives a bit easier. Both the blessed and cursed of Benten had interesting social lives, if not always successful ones. [2] Benten was particularly beloved by the Crane and Scorpion Clans[3]

Temples to Benten Edit

Monks that served the temples to Benten were allowed to marry and had families. [4]

History Edit

Tamori Emina Edit

In 1167 Benten made a visitation on the young shugenja Tamori Emina. The Dragon had been able to see the attraction between her mistress Tamori Shaitung and the Phoenix Master of Air, Isawa Nakamuro, but despaired at Shaitung's rejection of it. She pleaded with her mistress, touching her, but failing to sway her. Benten gave Emina his blessing. Using the wisdom granted to her by this, she was finally able to convince Shaitung to embrace the happiness she could get from Nakamuro. [5] Emina had been changed and had shared with Shaitung a fraction of the blessing Benten bestowed upon her. In doing that Shaitung was changed as well. [6]

Celestial Unrest Edit

In 1170 the seven fortunes supported the Jade Dragon and Obsidian Dragon when they challenged and defeated Yakamo, Lord Sun, and Hitomi, Lady Moon. [7]

Togashi ascends Edit

The Kami Togashi was a lawbreaker of the Celestial Order, a mortal whose soul remained in Ningen-do avoiding death. It drew the attention of the Seven Fortunes who judged his interaction illegal. Togashi eventually accepted their judgment and ascended to Tengoku. [8]

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