Bell of the Heavens
Created by: Unknown
First used by: Crane Clan Champion
Currently in the possession of: Forest outside of Shiro Matsu

The Bell of the Heavens, the 'Heart of Matsu Forest', was a tremendous bell made entirely of brass, which hanged on a thick branch in the forest outside of Shiro Matsu. It was rung with a brass die tsuchi. [1]

Crane trick Edit

The bell was forged at the command of a Crane daimyo who wished to embarrass the Lion Clan Champion in the Emperor's presence. It was brought to the Lion during the Emperor Hantei XVII's birthday celebration. The Lion was told that a man who was pure of heart could ring the bell, but when he hammered the bell no sound was heard. Next the Phoenix Clan Champion tried, but again, the bell was silent. Finally, after a member of each clan had tried the same, the Crane tapped it lightly with the hammer and the bell rang. [1]

Crane foiled Edit

During winter court the bell was again tried, and each of those who attempted to ring it failed. Eventually the Ikoma Daimyo Ikoma Osudo managed to get a great chime, foiling the Crane. [2]

Matsu forest Edit

The bell was surrendered to the Lion who carried to the forests of the Matsu. After many years the bell became a integral part of the oak where it hanged. [3]


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