Born: Unknown 
Children: Gidirah

Bekhten was a Senpet, known as the "Shield of the Empire".

Childhood Edit

Bekhten was taken away from his parents and recruited for the military service. It became a loyal warrior and follower of the Ten Thousand Gods. Bekhten was devoted to the clergy, the army and the Senpet Empire. [1]

Sensei Edit

Bekhten was the sensei of Hekau, who became one of the trusted warriors of the Pharaoh Hensatti. [2] He became her bodyguard, earning the nickname of "Shield of the Empire". He was always her loyal servant, even when Hensatti allied with the mad Immortal Caliph of Medinaat al-Salaam. [1]

Family Edit

In 1130 Bekhten had a inphant son, Gidirah. [2]

Hanif Escapees Edit

Bekhten saw the return of his brethren, defeated by the khan Moto Gaheris [3] when the Senpet had been chasing the Hanif escapees. [4]

Yodotai invasion Edit

Bekhten during the Yodotai Invasion of Senpet lands was on duty in the Senpet capital, the Great Eye of the Desert. His Empire was defeated in 1160 and absorbed by the Yodotai. Hensatti passed to him the Tear of Heaven, and commanded him to join the resistance led by Kesseth. He was not worthy of the Tear and would never wield it. [5] Bekhten trained many of his kin as Senpet Legionnaires, becoming the heart and the strength of the rebellion. [6]

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