Beiden (S8)

The small city of Beiden (S8) in the Beiden province [1] was located just south of Beiden Pass. [2] It held a temple devoted to Tengen, the Fortune of Literacy. [3]

History Edit

Strategic Point Edit

Dragon, Phoenix, and Lion merchants conducted their business in the city, and more traveled through Beiden on their way to the Crab and Crane lands to the south. [4] The city might have seen more war than any other single site in Rokugan. Every conflict between the Lion and Scorpion Clan had made Beiden suffer. The Clan War, Return of the Ki-Rin and countless other skirmishes over the centuries had taken place here. [2]

Destruction of Beiden Pass Edit

When Beiden Pass was destroyed near the end of the War of Spirits, the city became a quiet place, consisting now mostly of large empty barracks. The heimin who lived there seemed quite relieved. [2] The village was mostly abandoned, and if not for the tiny Shamate Pass that had been discovered nearby the village might well no longer exist. [5] It allowed for small amounts of trade to pass through the mountains, and it halted the decay at Beiden, but the city was unlikely to regain its former glory. [6]

New Activities Edit

The Yogo made Beiden a center for smugglers who trafficed in illicit materials through the small mountain passes that remained open. [4]


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