A Bear

Bears, Kuma [1] or Higuma, were large mammals found in Rokugan. They had plantigrade paws, a large body and stocky legs, and were omnivorous and fiercely territorial animals. [2]

Habitat Edit

Bear 2

A Bear

Bears were found in several varieties throughout Rokugan. All bears were extremely territorial, and would defend their lairs violently without provocation. Trespassers were chased well beyond the bears borders to ensure they did not return. The brown forest bear was the most commonly found bear, living mostly in Shinomen Mori and mountainous regions near water such as the Phoenix lands. [3] Black bears were found more often in the lands of the Crane than elsewhere, being smaller than brown bears and far less aggressive. [1]

Ecology Edit

Bears were solitary by nature and would rarely be seen together unless it was a female with one or two cubs. If left alone bears were generally inactive and would not instigate violence outside their territories. In rare instances a bear had been known to acquire the taste of human flesh. Such bears had been hunted down and destroyed in order to keep them from slaughtering peasants or samurai.

Black bears were capable of climbing trees to pursue trespassers. Brown bears usually adopted caves as their homes, and were more aggressive than a black bear. If a trespasser was chased up a tree the brown bear will attempt to knock the tree down, or at least shake it's quarry out of the tree. Standing, a bear could reach about six feet tall and weights usually reach five hundred pounds. [3]

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