Bayushi family


Clan: Scorpion Clan 
Founded: c.5 
Daimyo: Unknown 
I Can Swim [1]

The Bayushi family was founded by the Kami Bayushi. The daimyo of this family were also the Scorpion Clan Champions. The Bayushi were probably the most well-rounded of the Scorpion, often possessing great wit as well as talent with fencing. It was for this reason that the Bayushi were often the public face and leaders of the Scorpion Clan.

Mon and Motto Edit

The Bayushi mon was a scorpion set before a field of water. This mon honored an old parable told to Bayushi by Shinsei himself. In the story, a scorpion wished to cross a river, and asked a frog for a ride across. The Frog refused since the Scorpion could sting him. The Scorpion countered that if he did, they would both drown. The traditional story ended with the Scorpion stinging the Frog, explaining that it was his nature, even if they both drowned. The story related by Shinsei revealed that the Scorpion always knew how to swim. Since then, the Bayushi family motto had been, I can swim. [1]

Bayushi Customs Edit

The Bath Edit

It was tradition among the Bayushi for their guests to bathe upon their arrival, as a courtesy to their hosts. Guests were provided with a bath and a servant to bathe them. More than one guest of the Bayushi has commented on feeling vulnerable or nervous at this custom, as being naked in the home of the Scorpion and in the hands of their servants could make a samurai realize how easily he could be dispatched at that moment. [2]

Politics Edit

Daimyo Edit

Since the founding of the Scorpion Clan, the daimyo of the Bayushi family have also been the Scorpion Clan Champion.

Vassal families Edit

Lands Edit

The Bayushi lands were the greatest and more arable in the Scorpion provinces, rich in mineral resources and rice paddy fields. They also made a fair amount of profit dealing in poppies for use in medicinal opium. The Bayushiu guarded the southern border against the Crane. [4]

Provinces Edit

Bayushi provinces

Bayushi provinces

The following were known provinces under the control of the Bayushi family; [5]

Major Bayushi Holdings Edit

Minor Bayushi Holdings Edit

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