The Bayushi cartel was a criminal organization, involved in all kinds of opium activities, under the Bayushi family control. [1] The leader was usually selected by the Scorpion Clan Champion himself. [2]

Territory Edit

Bayushi, Shosuro cartel, and Soshi cartel controlled the opium business as a monopoly. They got to sell everything south of Ryoko Owari and west of Spine of the World Mountains, so they covered the Scorpion and Crab territories as well as the Minor clans. [3]

Production Edit

His farms and warehouses were legal, and Bayushi illegal processing of opium was centralized in a village outside Ryoko Owari, Hitsuyo Mura. Opium harvested and distribution was made through barges, and this setup was more vulnerable to interception. The Bayushi cartel did not hesitate to kill magistrates who attempted to disrupt his distribution lines. [4]

Known leaders Edit


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