Bayushi Zenasaru was a lieutenant of the Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Shoju. [1]

Sekkai Yurri Edit

Sekkai Yurri, the City of Limes and Lilies, got his wealth from a silver mine, and it was a pit of corruption and filth populated by miners and gamblers. In the early 12th century the corrupt headman and magistrate allowed the rift between the two groups, and the peasants suffered. When miners hit an underground river half of the city was flooded, and its population decimated. The former west end of the town became a lake. [1]

Toshi Aitate Edit

Zenasaru was sent there and killed the corrupted headman and magistrate. He put his own yoriki in their places and commanded to clean the mess. The city was renamed as Toshi Aitate, the City of the Open Hand. He re-opened the city's gambling and tea houses, which were run by Emerald Magistrates. For the first time in Rokugan's history, legitimate gambling was available to the public. Zenasaru received many promotions since. [1]


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