Bayushi Yashino 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1123

Bayushi Yashino was a bushi of the Scorpion Clan.

Demeanor Edit

Yashino was a battlefield leader with a keen tactical mind, who was popular for his charm and magnetism. [1]

Otosan Uchi Edit

Yashino was the karo and military advisor to Shosuro Yunaki, one of the District Governors of Otosan Uchi. Yunaki was a corrupted man who controlled the criminal activities of his district. Yashino handled most of Yunaki's criminal enterprises, but he ambitioned to became governor. [1]

Criminal Activities Edit

In 1122 Yunaki died and his daughter Shosuro Meiyoko, a junshin, became the new governor of the Meiyoko district. Yashino believed that her position should be his own. He controlled himself the criminal activities Meiyoko wished to remove from her district, and secretly inserted his loyal servants into her gokenin, House Guard, and even replaced Meiyoko's own yojimbo with one of his own. [1]

Scorpion Coup Edit

During the Scorpion Coup the Meiyoko district was handled to Bayushi Shoju by Yashino. Alongside with the chief advisor of the Tsai district, Bayushi Komei, manipulated Meiyoko to participate in the Coup. [2]

Death Edit

In the fifth day he foresaw the demise of the Coup and his clan, so Yashino escaped toward the Maze of Wisdom, where he encountered Meiyoko and her advisor Yogo Mamoru. Yashino attempeted to take Meiyoko's life, but the duelist Doji Isamu appeared and killed Yashino. [3]

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