Bayushi Tozasu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 815 
Died after return: Unknown 
Titles: Rikugunshokan

Bayushi Tozasu was a Scorpion Clan Rikugunshokan in the early 9th century.

Return of the Ki-Rin Edit

The newly-returned Unicorn Clan fascinated Bayushi Tozasu, and devoted himself to learn how to better employ cavalry on the battlefield and to be able to counter their forces. He devised infantry tactics using long-reach weapons, particularly spears that could be set into the ground to receive a charge, while protecting the flanks with forming infantry into square formations. [1]

Battle of White Shore Plain Edit

In 815, the Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Ogoe asked Tozasu to fight the Unicorn army and to lose the battle. Tozasu gathered his weakest troops, bolstered with Ronin, and engaged the Unicorn at the Battle of White Shore Plain. Tozasu was soundly defeated, and committed seppuku on the battlefield, as if he was overwhelmed by shame. The truth that he had been ordered to lose by his champion was kept secret, to make the Scorpion look weak. [2] [3]

Oblivion's Gate Edit

In 1132, Bayushi Tozasu was one of the spirits who returned through Oblivion's Gate. Tozasu's loss to the Unicorn Clan centuries ago had left him a vengeful spirit, earning him a place in Toshigoku. Upon his return, Tozasu planned to justify himself by slaughtering the decendants of his enemies. His assault took him to the village where the young Utaku Yu-Pan resided. She had not yet come of age yet, so he spared her, though he still murdered her mother, brother and three elder sisters. [4] [5]

Death Edit

Tozasu died sometime during the War of Spirits, from fever while staying in Shinomen Mori. [6]

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