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Bayushi Toshimo 
Bayushi Toshimo 
Born: Unknown 
Parents: Bayushi Nanu,
Bayushi Oruko 
Siblings: Bayushi Naruhi 
Children: Bayushi Masashi

Bayushi Toshimo was a bushi, kensai, and yojimbo of the Scorpion Clan, and a student at the Bitter Lies.

Family Edit

Toshimo was the son of Bayushi Nanu and Bayushi Oruko. He had an elder sister, Bayushi Naruhi. His family was distantly related to the royal Bayushi bloodline. [1]

Married Edit

In 1176 his sister married with Hida Demopen, the hero of the Empire. She took her husband's family name becoming Hida Naruhi. They lived in the Scorpion, being his brother the commander of the defenders of the Scorpion Wall, which surrounded the Second Festering Pit. [1]

Disgraceful Conduct Edit

Bayushi Toshimo 2

Toshimo hiring a mercenary

Toshimo watches the attack to the Crane caravan

Toshimo watches the attack to the Crane caravan

Toshimo made a slip during the Winter court at Kyuden Bayushi, which was quickly used by Bayushi Shibata to force him to perform a disgraceful conduct. [2] Toshimo watched in the distance the attack against a Crane caravan made by his Mantis mercenaries. [3] Finally, Toshimo killed his contact among these mercenaries to erase his tracks. [4] Eventually Toshimo's actions were noted by Scorpion Clan Champion, Bayushi Nitoshi, who forced him to retire. [5]

Dutiful Agent Edit

Since he fell in disgrace, Toshimo lived in a remote an obscure village. He was visited by his son Bayushi Toshimo, who told their Lord Nitoshi would forget his past transgressions if Toshimo began to utilize his connections in the Imperial Legions as well as the Shogunate in order to ensure that a small contingent of Scorpion under his command, was situated within the forces attached to the Iweko Seiken as the Imperial Heir departed for the Colonies. Toshimo would remain close to the heir and gain his confidence. [6]

External Links Edit

Bayushi Toshimo 3

Bayushi Toshimo


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