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Bayushi Toshiko was a senior courtier-ko of the Ivory Court.

Station Edit

Toshiko was born in Rokugan and came to the Colonies immediately after her gempukku. In the late 12th century she was a handsome woman in her early thirties, who wore a kimono of pale green, grey, or blue, embroidered with images of lush mountains or jungle flora. Her mask was simple, with a series of abstract shapes designed to draw the viewer's eyes directly to hers. [1]

Akio's Enmity Edit

Toshiko consistently was outmaneuvered in court by Otomo Akio, karo of the Chancellor of the Left, who disliked the Scorpion as a whole. Once, she was snubbed when Akio pronounced her name incorrectly when making an offical announcement to the court regarding the anniversary of Otomo Suikihime's ascension as Imperial Governor of the Colonies. Toshiko waited her opportunity to discredit Akio. She hel the secret that Seppun Toriko, the Mistress of the Gates, had on several occasions allowed Otomo Akio's gaijin artworks to pass through the gates of the Imperial District without proper inspection. [2]

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