Bayushi Tesaguri 
Born: 415 
Died: 445 
Parents: Bayushi Junzen

Bayushi Tesaguri was the son of the Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Junzen.

Birth Edit

Tesaguri was born on the third day of the Month of the Monkey [1] in 415. [2]

Trusted Son Edit

Tesaguri was both an able general and capable shugenja, who had proven his value to the clan time and time again. Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Junzen trusted his son so much that, when his faith in the Yogo family was waning, he entrusted his son with the third, fifth, and sixth Black Scrolls. [2]

Betrayal Edit

In 442, several weeks after the Battle of White Stag, Tesaguri found on the coast a helm, the cursed Kenshin's Helm. The nemuranai had the power to bring doom on the undertakings of anyone who used it. [3] Since that day Tesaguri was not nearly as trustworthy as his father had believed him to be. Seeing and opportunity for a quick profit, in 445 he sold the original scrolls to the Phoenix Clan, and created forgeries to put in their place, and went about his business suspecting that no one would be any the wiser for it. Yogo Ichinore, daimyo of the Yogo family, was not so easily fooled and deduced the scrolls to be fakes. Ichinore brought the matter to the attention of Junzen, who called his son forth to explain himself. Tesaguri had already fled. [2]

Kenshin's Helm Edit

The Kenshin's Helm was recognized as a cursed nemuranai of some sort. It was stored away beneath Kyuden Bayushi. [4]

Traitor's Grove Edit

Tesaguri was captured and bound to a tree, and an impromptu ritual was enacted to bind his soul to the tree. The place became known as Traitor's Grove.[2] Since then, the Scorpion would traditionally travel to Traitor's Grove every year on the birthday of Tesaguri and throw rocks at the tree. [1]

Visited Edit

In 1127 a party who was searching for the Helm, Miya Yumi, Sanzo, Koan, and Ashinagabachi Ichiro, came to the Grove and questioned Tesaguri. They wished to uncover Miya Satoshi's treachery, [5] who was under the influence of the Helm. [6] He told the group that the helm was at Doro Owari Mura, in the Phoenix lands. Tesaguri warned that the infamous Yogo Junzo was also seeking the cursed nemuranai. [7]


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Way of the Scorpion page 55 lists Tesaguri's birth and death as 415 and 545 respectively. It is very unlikely that Tesaguri lived for 130 years, and his father was Champion in 435 when the Gozoku fell, according Imperial Histories page 48, so his date of death should be listed 445. --Oni no Pikachu 12:17, April 15, 2012 (UTC)

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