Please note: This article is about the murderer of Seppun Shogo. For other uses of the term, please see Takaharu (disambiguation).
Bayushi Takaharu 
Bayushi Takaharu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Month of the Dog of 1169

Bayushi Takaharu was a Scorpion Clan bushi and assassin.

Great Bear Edit

Takaharu was one of the assassins sent in the unssuccesfully attempts on Kisada's life in 1168. [1]

Jade Championship Edit

During the Test of the Jade Champion in 1169, Takaharu poisoned, then stabbed, Seppun Shogo at The Mikado, under orders from Shosuro Jimen. After being executed for his crime, Takaharu's spirit was sent to Gaki-do. [2]

Kwanchai's Vengeance Edit

Takaharu's spirit haunted the place where he was executed until he was trapped by Bayushi Kwanchai inside a magical circle. Kwanchai used a Toritaka spirit ribbon and an Imperial scroll to hold the gaki so he could question it. Kwanchai's charge, Bayushi Kaukatsu had been killed by gaki, and the yojimbo wished to learn more on the gaki to exact his vengeance against his Lord's murderers. Whe he was satisfied, Kwanchai used the ribbon to banish Takaharu. [2]

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